Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID-19 Measures

Is the Cours Bellerive sales office open?

The sales office is open and all measures and precautions are taken to facilitate social distancing. If you prefer not to come to the office, our advisors are virtually present to answer all your questions.

You can request a virtual tour of the project (condos or townhouses) by simply filling out this form. You can also chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

Where is the Cours Bellerive sales office located?

The project will be located at the intersection of Taillon and Dubuisson streets. The sales office for condos and townhouses is located at 9201 Notre-Dame Est, in Montréal.


Can I visit the project’s model unit?

Yes, it is possible to visit a model unit (condo or townhouse) at our sales office. With the help of new technologies, our consultants can also give you a virtual tour of the entire project. You can view photos of these rooms on the project’s website.


Can I buy a unit remotely?

Yes, the Cours Bellerive team is available and equipped to assist you remotely with your project.

To take a virtual tour of the residential project or simply get more information about our condos and townhouses, you can chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

The Project

What is the project’s general plan?

Here is the project’s general plan. It provides a clearer picture of how the buildings are laid out on the site. This major project will be launched phase by phase. Each of them offers a unique layout to ensure the mix of products, clienteles and uses. The development of the site will be done over five to seven years.

Currently, Phase 1A of the project, consisting of 73 condominium-type units, is for sale. This five-storey building  is located on avenue Dubuisson.

Phase 1B is also launched and includes 20 townhouses of 3 to 4 storey.

Phase 2 will consist of 100 condos of 1 or 2 bedrooms. Its launch is scheduled for April 2021.

How many phases and units does the Les Cours Bellerive project have?

The project is divided into seven phases, ranging from two to twelve storeys for a total of 535 residential units (condos and townhouses).


How many elevators does the Les Cours Bellerive project have?

One elevator servicing Phase 1A and another one in Phase 2.

Can you rent a unit at Les Cours Bellerive?

No, the first phase of the residential project only has units for sale.

But as an owner, you can rent your unit. However, only long-term rentals are allowed.

Does the Les Cours Bellerive project include retail or commercial spaces?

Yes, a commercial space is planned in a subsequent phase of the project, on Notre-Dame Street.

Does Les Cours Bellerive have parking spots for sale?

Yes, there is parking located in the basement of the project. The entrance is located at the rear of the building, on Dubuisson Street.

To learn more about price and availability, you can chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

Can I buy a basement storage locker in Les Cours Bellerive?

Each condo comes with a locker located in a common room in the basement. 

Can I buy bicycle storage?

Yes, bicycle storage will be available in the basement of the subsequent phases of the project.

To learn more about bicycle storage prices and availability, you can chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

What is the expected delivery date for Les Cours Bellerive’s Phase 1?

Delivery of the condos for phase 1A of the project is scheduled for fall / winter 2021-2022.

Phase 1B townhouses will be delivered between November 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022.

Delivery of phase 2 is scheduled for fall 2022.

How much are condo fees?

The condo fees for the project are $ 0.29 / ft2 for the unit + $ 0.11 / ft2 for the building’s contingency fund + $ 0.04 / ft2 for insurance. However, this is only an estimate and will be reevaluated by the syndicate of co-owners. 

For more information, you can chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

What do the condo fees cover?

Condo fees cover the following expenses:

  • Residential hot water;
  • Building insurance;
  • Snow removal;
  • Indoor and outdoor common area maintenance;
  • Common area energy costs;
  • Elevator maintenance;
  • The contingency fund;
  • Fees for the management of the co-ownership by a building management company.

The Units

How can I find out about unit prices?

Please get in touch with our sales team. You can chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

What is the surface area of Les Cours Bellerive’s units?

Unit surface area in Phase 1 varies between 537 sq. ft and 1,084 sq. ft. The project includes one to three-bedroom condos.

Condo surface area in Phase 2 varies between 484 sq. ft and 947sq. ft. The project includes one- to two-bedroom condos.

Is the surface area shown on the plans net or gross area?

The surface area shown on the plans is gross area. This means it includes half the thickness of common walls and the entire thickness of exterior walls. Balcony surface area is not included since it’s not considered as living space.

How high are the ceilings?

Ground floor ceilings are about nine feet in height.

Height is approximate and subject to change depending on the room and mechanical components.

Is air conditioning included?

Yes, units have a split system with compressor on the roof.

What can I personalize in my unit?

Unit finish choices include flooring, cabinets, countertops, and ceramic tiles. To give you a better idea of what your unit will look like, our designers have created four kitchen décors and four bathroom décors. You can choose them as is, or mix and match elements to create your own personalized style.

Are appliances included?

The following appliances are included:

  • A 30” stainless steel Whirlpool refrigerator ;
  • A 30” stainless steel Whirlpool built-in range and cooktop;
  • A 24”  ENERGY STAR certified stainless steel Whirlpool dishwasher;
  • Built-in hood;
  • A microwave with built-in hood in certain units.

Can I use a BBQ on my balcony?

Yes, BBQs are allowed according to certain municipal regulations, but this could be modified by the co-ownership.

The Common Areas

What are Les Cours Bellerive’s common areas?

Several common areas are designed for your well-being:

  • An inviting and cozy lobby.
  • Lounge areas with dining room furniture and BBQs.


Other common areas will be accessible to the whole project:

  • A gym;
  • Coworking space;
  • A multifunctional room;
  • A mini gym for children;
  • A parcel room;
  • A dog grooming space in the basement;
  • An interior courtyard providing tables, pergolas and a play area for children.

The Neighbourhood

What are some of the area’s upcoming projects?

Les Cours Bellerive offers you the opportunity to settle in a family-friendly and peaceful area, which will see many future improvements, highlighting the natural attractions of the neighbourhood.

Here are a few:

  • The creation of a beach in the Promenade Bellerive park where swimming will be allowed in 2021;
  • A river terrace;
  • A new cycling path along the existing railway located on Avenue Souligny.


The Buying Process

What does the condo buying process at Les Cours Bellerive entail?

To learn about the buying process for a new condo, please read our buyer’s guide.

You can also chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.


What is the down payment to buy a unit in Les Cours Bellerive?

We ask for a down payment of 15% of the total price for a principal residence and 20% of the total price for an investment property.

To learn more about the down payment, you can chat online with our sales team, contact them by email at or by telephone at 514 989-7315.

Do I need to get my mortgage from the same bank financing the project?

You can do business with the financial institution of your choice. We ask for a guaranteed rate until the delivery of your unit. This is why we advise you to do business with BMO, our financial partner.

How much time do I have to get mortgage approval?

You have 21 days after signing the preliminary contract to provide proof of mortgage approval. Upon signing of the contract, a first deposit is required. Should your mortgage be refused, this amount will be refunded in full.

How is the co-ownership organized?

Each phase will have its own co-ownership and manager. A syndicate will be the joint owner of the common spaces such as the garage, lobby, gym and the interior courtyard.

When can I choose my finishes?

Our design team will contact you a few months after signing the contract to select the choice of finishes.